Celebrate Kingston's Third Annual VegFest with us!

Sat 20 Oct 2018. Admission and parking are complimentary, but the experience that you'll have is priceless!

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
― Albert Einstein

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We are back for 2018!

VegFest is back on Sat 20 Oct 2018.

We sold out so book early for 2018! Subscribe or follow on Facebook to know Keep in touch. Vendor registration is open.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to make Kingston Veg Fest 2017 a success! We had an amazing day sharing our messages of health, compassion, sustainability and community! Love and thanks goes out to our outstanding organizing team, our sponsors, chefs, volunteers, vendors and you - the attendees!


Join our growing list of vendors
Non-profits and local business encouraged.


Great opportunity to join our sponsors and promote your business and showcase your products.

Cooking and Eat!

There will be lots of vegan food to try and buy and cooking demos to learn more!


Volunteers needed to help run the event and for tasks leading up to it.  Register now to express interest and we'll contact you.

“Celebrating and inspiring the joys of plant-based living.”

Kingston VegFest is:

A celebration of the fabulousness of vegan food. Come enjoy cooking demonstrations, a wide range of food vendors, product samples and other delights. Treat your palate to the best that food has to offer.

Kingston VegFest is:

A celebration of connectedness. Come discover a vibrant and mushrooming community of people on plant-fueled journeys. Expand your awareness of the issues and how our choices impact the planet and our fellow animals. Treat your heart to the best that connectedness has to offer.

Kingston VegFest is:

A celebration of physical and mental health and well-being. Come learn from our experts on nutrition and fitness, ask questions, educate and empower yourself. Treat your mind and body to the best that health has to offer.

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What is VegFest?

VegFests are community festivals celebrating plant-based living. A tradition that spans decades, VegFests have become increasingly popular in recent years as awareness grows of the harmful impacts of farming and consuming animals, and as appreciation grows for the environmental and health benefits of a vegan diet. Kingston VegFest started in 2016 by members of the Kingston Vegetarian Network, with backgrounds in health promotion, animal advocacy, social justice and community building. This FREE event will feature  vendors,  cooking demos, delicious food and a myriad of vegan-friendly products for all to enjoy.


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